29 June 2013

New burial area at Camberwell Old Cemetery

As residents will be aware, Southwark is short of space within its cemeteries. In April 2011 the Council decided to undertake a programme of works in the borough’s existing cemeteries to ensure that it could continue to provide a burial space for residents. It also under took a large consultation of residents about longer term options for burials. This consultation included identifying and prioritising plots in our cemeteries that could be brought back in to use.

Two parts of Camberwell Old Cemetery were identified in the initial programme to provide 'immediate' new burial provision. The first was a small area by the entrance to the cemetery (Site E) which is already back in use and the second area was a large area of common public burials along the cemetery's border with Wood Vale (Site F).

Earlier this week I went to visit the completed works at Site F. The old common graves (which were unmarked) have been topped up with extra soil and the area has been landscaped. New paths have also been put in. This picture hopefully gives a flavour of the quality of the work that has been done.
Like many residents I was unhappy about some of the proposals made for our cemeteries and I campaigned against the use of Honor Oak Rec for burials and helped to ensure that the area of Camberwell Old behind Ryedale was protected (Ryedale is Site H1 on the map and is no longer considered a 'short term option for burial'. It will only be considered again once all the medium term options at Camberwell Old and Camberwell New have been exhausted). However, I was supportive of the Council reusing some of the areas of common graves in Camberwell Old and think the work I saw this week is of high quality and is sympathetic to the character of Camberwell Old.

This second picture shows a glade in the new area that will not be reused and will instead have a memorial to those buried in the old common graves on the site. Again an example of the Council being sensible and working hard to retain the character of Camberwell Old.
I'll keep residents updated as further developments take place at both Camberwell Old and New.

21 June 2013

Love Nunhead Website

As many local residents will know, Southwark's Labour Council has got on with securing the funding and coordinating a number of projects to improve the central area of Nunhead since 2010.  Though the focus is just outside our ward, there will be many Peckham Rye residents who will benefit from this scheme.

At our Community Council meeting earlier this week we saw a presentation from council officers which included information on a new website which has been set up to promote Nunhead.  You can see it at www.lovenunhead.co.uk

The council has secured funding from the Mayor's "Outer London Fund" and the "Pocket Parks Fund" which aims to improve high streets and parks across London by 2015.  This funding will help to deliver a programme of physical improvements, business support, community engagement and build upon the rich mix of festivals already taking place.

The programme has been running since 2012  and will bring more than £1m of investment into the Nunhead area. The regeneration is guided by the Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan.

Specific projects include:

- Shop front improvements

- Improvements to Nunhead Green

- Festivals programme

- Lighting upgrades

- Pop up shops

- Community website

A huge amout of credit should go to local residents and Southwark Labour's Cabinet Member for Regeneration (and Nunhead Ward Councillor) Fiona Colley, for driving this work forward.