20 April 2012

Ivy House Listing

Renata Hamvas (fellow Labour Councillor for Peckham Rye) has just called with some news. She's just posted this on local forums:

 "Thank you for the many many emails I've received about the Ivyhouse, you have been keeping me very busy over the last couple of days! Just to update on the situation: I have been liasing with English Heritage over the Ivyhouse and as of today, The Ivyhouse is a Grade II Listed building. The owners have been notified in writing of the change in status of the building.


Another Ivy House Update

Just a quick update. I've written to Harriet Harman (our local MP) to ask her to write to English Heritage and the Department of Culture Media and Sport regarding the Spot Listing of the property.

Renata has been in direct contact with English Heritage about the listed building application. It seems likely that the listed status application could come through relatively quickly. We'll update again when we have more news.

18 April 2012

The Ivyhouse - UPDATE

We've had a flurry of emails and tweets today about the Ivyhouse Pub on Stuart Road closing this weekend. It seems that the current owners Enterprise Inns have sold the pub on to new owners and there are plenty of rumours that the building may be turned into flats rather than remaining as a pub.

As a private building, unfortunately we can't stop the current owners selling the building on to others who may have other plans for its use. However, the new owners would need apply for planning permission for change of use and likely for other alternations they might wish to make if they do plan to turn it into a residential property. As far as I can tell no planning application has been lodged and so no application has been granted. The planning process will allow for local residents to voice their concerns and to object to the application and in all likelihood the decision would then come to local councillors - but we do need to wait until we actually see what the new owners have planned. As I understand it, it was the planning process and the substantial number of community objections lodged that stopped the Duke of Hamilton in Hampstead development going ahead. I mention this as several locals have mentioned this to us today.

In terms of the building becoming a listed building it seems this had been mentioned in the Peckham and Nunhead Area Action plan and posts on the East Dulwich and South Central forums suggest that an application has already been lodged. I will try to clarify exactly what the status of any application is tomorrow. Anyone can contact English Heritage and request that a building is considered for listed status and I'm sure that along with Cllr Edwards and Cllr Hamvas we'd be willing to look into what this might involve. However if an application is already being processed it would be best if we tried to support this rather than starting afresh.

14 April 2012

Community Wildlife Garden opens in Peckham Rye Park

Vikki and Gavin with fellow councillor Barrie Hargrove, Cabinet Member for Transport, Environment & Recycling

Today saw the opening of the Community Wildlife Garden in Peckham Rye Park - well done to the Friends of Peckham Rye Park for making this happen!

The 'old depot' site near to the Park toilets has long been out of use and out of access. In fact many locals will have walked passed and not known this little pocket of land within the Park existed as it is surrounded by mature trees. The site originally contained greenhouses for the Park that were dismantled in the 70s and it was then used as a depot until the late 80s.

Since 2005 the Friends have been working hard to bring the site back into use as a wildlife garden. With the help of Southwark Council Cleaner, Greener, Safer funding and then a Big Lottery Fund grant that we were delighted to support, the last two years have seen the site transformed. I visited the site just after we were elected councillors and going back today you can see it has changed completely. Rather than just a waste land there are now wheelchair friendly paths, meadow areas, beehives, a pond, raised beds adopted by community groups and an insect 'loggery'.

You'll be able to visit the garden during park opening hours and there will be monthly maintenance days for local residents to get involved with caring for the garden. To get involved contact the Friends on foprp@aol.com.