29 November 2011

Victoria on Nunhead Radio Show

Victoria was a guest on the radio show of Nunhead resident Lewis Schaffer tonight. The show, was broadcast at 10.30pm on Monday night on Resonance FM. It covered such varied topics as a new name for south Nunhead, World War II, Margaret Thatcher's legacy, Athenlay FC and Bredinghurst School.

You can listen to the show here.

Gentle Warning: Lewis is a straight-talking comedian, the show is broadcast at 10.30pm. The humour and language is not for kids or the very easily offended.

12 November 2011

Cheltenham and Ivydale Road Resurfacing

Below is the text of a letter from the council that residents of Cheltenham and Ivydale Roads should have received today. Victoria, Renata and I are still working with officers to sort out the issues with the junction with Merttins Road - a more gentle profile on the raised junction to reduce vibration may be an option

"Dear Sir / Madam

Re: Advance notification of essential highway maintenance work
Ivydale Road / Cheltenham Road – carriageway resurfacing

As you may already be aware sections of Ivydale Road and Cheltenham Road carriageway are failing. The Council intends to carry out a full reconstruction of these stretches of carriageway. As part of these works the road cushions and raised humps within the pinch point will be removed.

The works are programmed to commence on Monday, 15 November 2011 and will be completed January 2012 subject to good weather and unforeseen events. The road works will be carried out between 08:00 hours and 15:30 hours Monday to Friday and on Saturdays if necessary.

We shall endeavour to keep any inconvenience to a minimum and would like to assure you of our best attention at all times. Your co-operation with regard to parking your vehicle elsewhere during the course of the work would be greatly appreciated. This will enable the work to progress as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to you and all concerned. The ‘No Waiting’ cones and signs will indicate the extent of parking restrictions. As the highway authority we may exercise our powers to relocate obstructing vehicles at the owners risk and cost.

Note: for the Duration of phase 1works (Cheltenham Road) London buses will be on diversion via Stuart Road, Borland Road and the diversion ends at Merttins Road.

F M Conway, our partnering contractor, will undertake the works. Should you have any queries regarding the execution of the works, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Padfield at their Head Office on telephone number 020 8636 8822.

11 November 2011

One O'Clock Club Meeting

There will be a meeting to discuss the future of the Peckham Rye One O'Clock Club on Wednesday 16th November at 2.15pm. The venue will be the One O'Clock Club itself.

Councillor Renata Hamvas will be representing Peckham Rye's Labour Councillors and the Cabinet member for Children's Services, Cllr Catherine McDonald will also be attending.

Victoria, Renata and I are focusing our efforts on making sure the One O'Clock club can stay open as a valued service for local parents. For a bit more background on the issues prompting the meeting, see this recent post.