2 March 2010

Peckham Rye development - update on new One O'Clock Club & sports facilities

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For those following the plans for a new One O'Clock Club on Peckham Rye Common, and new changing facilities and pitches on Peckham Rye and Homestall Road, above is an amended plan of 'Option 2' which proved the more popular scheme with residents.

At the last consultation meeting I attended, the majority of people I spoke with favoured this option, though I know many involved with the One O'Clock Club and local sports teams have reached the stage where they just want these new facilities delivered!

Option 2 will locate the new changing facilities in the parks maintainance area - there is more space here than is currently needed for the maintainance team. It will also see a new 'green' car park on the silt mound and the current car park will return to being part of the Common.

Amendments to the original Option 2 are a 'green' access road to the cafe and a footpath has been reinstated against the park boundary near the One O'Clock Club. Up at Homestall Road the plans for an all weather pitch have been reconfigured to fit in a larger pitch.

For me, it's vitally important that this development maintains its momentum. As a 'phased' development I'm very concerned that we may only get some bits of the plans before the Council stops work, blaming a lack of funds. The council has made huge 'capital' investment in many projects elsewhere in the borough - for example the Canada Water library that has ballooned in cost from £8million to £16million. Peckham Rye Labour thinks it about time some sizable sums of cash are spared for large-scale developments in our area.

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