29 March 2010

Ivydale Road - works restart & bus diversions

Work to install traffic calming on the final section of Ivydale Road, between the junctions with Athenlay Road and Cheltenham Road, begins today. Residents should have received a letter on Friday - not quite the promised 'seven days in advance' but at least some notification was given by the council. (Others may have noticed that the letter was optimistically dated the 22 March...)

Looking at the original plans there are three sets of pinch points going in ('D'). Set one is near the junction with Athenlay Road, set two between Homeleigh Road and Fernholme Road and the third set is between Rosenthorpe Road and Hawkslade Road.In addition, the junction of Ivydale Road and Merttins Road is going to be raised ('F') and junctions of Hawkslade Road and Kelvington Road are going to be narrowed, with a bigger traffic island on Kelvington and the installation of a new island on Hawkslade ('G') If you click on the picture below you'll get a bigger version.
The works will also include the removal of the current road humps and the resurfacing of the road. As a bit of an aside, this will leave Homeleigh Road as one of the few roads that hasn't been resurfaced in this area - we have asked the council whether this might be rectified so that the whole area is sorted out and residents don't face further disruption in the future.

From 9.30am this morning (Monday 29 March) the 343, 484 and N343 will be on diversion until Friday 30 April. From Brockley Way, buses will avoid Merttins Road, go up Brenchley Gardens, down Kelvington Road and re-join the route at the corner of Ivydale Road and Cheltenham Road. The only bus stops closed will be the one on Ivydale Road (northbound) and the one on Merttins Road (New Cross Gate-bound).

The TfL website helpfully inform us that "Services are subject to severe delays."

There is no indication that the P12 is on diversion but I suspect it will run up Athenlay Road (from the junction with Ivydale) and on to Brockley Way. This will miss out the stop on Ivydale Road (near the junction with Inverton) and the stop on Merttins Road.

Finally, at the last Community Council meeting, concerns were raised about the shortage of parking for residents further up Ivydale Road following the installation of pinch points there. The Community Council Traffic and Transport group (a mixture of local councillors, council officers and residents, including Renata) have agreed to look into this at its next meeting. On my suggestion they have agreed to include looking at the final section of Ivydale Road even if the works are not completed at that point.

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