28 February 2010

Making lower Forest Hill Road cleaner, greener and a better local shopping street

Horrid isn't it!

That's what many residents on or near the lower part of Forest Hill Road kept saying to me as they pointed out how tatty and untidy the lower part of Forest Hill Road is. They also mentioned that, with a bit of effort, this could be a small but attractive shopping area. I'm a big fan of Si Mangia and the Herne Tavern and the Co-op is a much needed store too. It would not take much to make this well-used row of shops a great 'hub' for local residents.Based on these comments and the clear level of support from local residents to improve the area I submitted a 'Cleaner, Greener & Safer' bid to the council, back in January. In my bid I asked for the street to be tidied up, the old rusty bollards to be replaced, proper designated areas be created for bins, some planting and for the odd shed building by the bus stop to be repainted and repaired.

Lots of residents signed my petition as they were keen to support the proposals. Now I just need a bit of luck tomorrow as I'll be presenting the idea to the council and trying to persuade them to invest some money in this neglected corner of Southwark.

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