12 February 2010

Green Chain Walk Update: New Gates for Camberwell Old Cemetery

A couple of weeks ago I joined a Walk London guided walk of the Green Chain Walk's new extension from Nunhead to Crystal Palace. You can read more here.

The walk was a great chance to try out the extension, which passes through Peckham Rye ward, before the official opening in April. The route will start in Nunhead Cemetery at the Linden Grove gates, go through the cemetery, down Inverton Road, Merttins Road and Brockley Way and then head through Camberwell New Cemetery and past the Honor Oak Crematorium. It will then head along the the south side of Brenchley Gardens for a quick pull up and over One Tree Hill before going down Forest Hill Road to Camberwell Old Cemetery.

The walk will leave Peckham Rye ward at the rear exit of Camberwell Old Cemetery, at the junction of Wood Wale and Langton Rise. The route then heads towards Horniman Gardens from where it continues south, eventually joining the existing Green Chain at Crystal Palace.

I was delighted to find out that, with the walk using this rear exit of the cemetery, new gates will be installed. You can see the route as it passes through Peckham Rye ward and the location of the gates here:The design for the new gates is currently awaiting sign-off from Planning so they are unlikely to be installed until April or May. In the meantime a temporary timber gate will allow people to wander along the Green Chain during cemetery opening hours. Pictures of the current and new gates are here:A great additional to this corner of Peckham Rye ward!

I understand that it is the aspiration of the cemetery manager that the new gates will be powered remotely from the estate offices at Camberwell New Cemetery and will co-ordinate with the cemetery opening hours. Provision will be made for alerting the estate manager should someone get locked in the cemetery, in the form of a radio alert keypad.

The signage for the walk should be in place in time for the 'official' opening in April and this will include signage up to the walk from Peckham Rye Park although it isn't on the 'official' route.

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  1. I read a similar article on another website and couldn't get the gist of it, but your article makes it clearer to me now. Thanks!